Solo shows are a great choice for the small space, or low volume events. If you want to hear pretty tunes but dont want to be overwhelmed, or if your space cannot accommodate a full band, Lindsay uses a loop station and  a vocal harmonizer to add a lot of color and texture without overpowering the room. Professional, punctual, appropriate and memorable!

This power rendition of Sting and the Police has been dominating DC stages for the last 3 years, performing for All Good Presents, Sixela Entertainment, and showing regularly with popular tributes like The Pycho Killers (Talking Heads Tribute). Synchronicity the Police Tribute Band keeps the recordings at center for the viewer, but makes the music their own by implementing long jam sessions in the open space. This tribute act wows audiences with the apex musicianship of Chris Murray emulating Stewart Copeland, and Brian Waitzman showing off Andy Summers lics. Lindsay provides the Sting in this super fun tribute trio.

The Fishermen Band has been doin it for nearly 20 years touring nationally and supporting some big names in music. Built on vocal harmony, folk and funk, The Fishermen Band plays larger scale events only a handful of times throughout the year now. Having built a very large and loyal following in the DC area, bookers can expect heavy draw and an absolutely phenomenal live show. 

The Days is an acoustic cover band that specializes in Reggae music, however also includes most of Lindsay's catalog with bass and hand drums to make it feel truly alive. This acoustic trio gives you all the fullness of a full band at 1/2 the volume. Perfect for bars and patios, its a festive group with a laid back vibe. Adding the incredible talent of Bass/Guitar legend Brian Waitzman, and the beats of Joey Carrasquillo(formerly of Nayas)  this group boasts talent and a diverse live set. 

Traditional Irish music and non traditional Irish favorites, including some acoustic UK hits from the 70's 80's and 90's. Fronted by vocalist J. Adam Wyatt (Formerly of The Shamrogues) backed by multi instrumentalist Brian Weber( of the Two Man Trio), Irish-born Floutist Michael Woods, and guitarist Lindsay Austin(of The Fishermen Band), this festive Irish offering will have you stomping your feet and singing along in no time! 

Irish Pub people celebrating

Lindsay Austin's made-to-order band, complete with Upright Bass, acoustic guitars, brushed drums, horns, or any other instrument you could hope to hear. Book the instruments you would like to see performed in any configuration, and Lindsay will hire some people you may know to back him up!